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Sensoria Fitness. Wearables. Reinvented.

Imagine a super accurate fitness tracker that tells you how far and how fast. Now imagine a development toolkit, a t-shirt, a sport bra and a pair of smart socks that also tell you how WELL you walk, run and exercise!

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Our Mission

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The Garment is the Computer™

Heapsylon’s mission is to design, develop and produce body-sensing wearable devices that improve people’s lives. Our proprietary software and e-textiles sensors enable apparel to become valuable devices for fitness and health.

Sensor Technology

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Sensoria Product Family

Sensoria is the part of the brain where all nerves in our body come together. That is what our smart socks do by connecting their sensors to any mobile or big screen devices.

Fitness and Wellness. Reinvented.

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Finally a Really Smart Sock

Every time you walk, run and exercise you are generating valuable data that, if properly analyzed, can produce meaningful views of your activity and the way you use your whole body. Sensoria Fitness is a fully instrumented sock with a virtual coach that monitors and guides you on how to improve your performance and achieve your goals.

Introducing Sensoria Fitness T-Shirt and Bra

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Powered by ComfTech

The washable Sensoria Fitness Bra and the Sensoria Fitness T-Shirt can be paired with your favorite electronics, such as Polar or Garmin. Simply snap it to the garment’s lower breastbone position to transmit heart rate data wirelessly to your watch or smartphone.

Sensoria for Healthcare

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Our Vision for Healthcare

Thanks to Sensoria technology we aspire to help patients & caregivers by providing systems and services that enable to monitor patients remotely, reduce costs and readmissions, and provide better quality care to patients.

Sensoria Developer Kit

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Developers, developers, developers!

With the Sensoria SDK, developers can experiment and exploit this untapped new technology, unleashing new scenarios.

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