Davide Vigano, CEO

Davide is a former Microsoft Executive with over 25 years of sales, marketing and extensive product management experience. Joined the Mac Works, Mac Office teams in 1987 and more recently served as General Manager of the Health Solutions Group where he was in charge of marketing and product strategy for both HealthVault and the Amalga product line. He acted as Vice President of the Worldwide SMSP Medium Business division which he grew 18% YOY to over $14B. His broad international experience includes managing the top five P&L???s of one of the largest subsidiaries in the world. He brought the Italian Microsoft Business and Enterprise operations to number one in the world for contribution margin, $1B in revenues, 6th largest subsidiary overall. He has been selected as Microsoft Executive Bench Member in 2005, won the CFO Award in 2002, Winner of the 1994 Microsoft President Award directly awarded by Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates to one top performer in EMEA. Davide has also been featured with a full page picture and interview in the Microsoft Corporate Annual Report in 1991.

Mario Esposito, Chief Technology Officer

Mario is a multi disciplinary person that holds multiple patents in a variety of areas. His 18 years track record as an innovator spans from software development, real time communications, online advertising, search engine development and more recently Microsoft Kinect for XBOX. Mario has two key assets that significantly add up value to efforts he joins to. Laser focus execution and out of the box thinking in understanding and nailing hard problems. From coding to design a business model or a user experience Mario is a creative and proven powerhouse. His impact and ability to execute and work with others perhaps is best summarized by the comments of people that have worked closely with him.

“Google’s Eric Schmidt made the statement revealing “The story of innovation has not changed. It has always been a small team of people who have a new idea, typically not understood by people around them and their executives.” Mario is one of such a small group of innovative people who not only “get it” but also able to take these concepts to market in a form that adds values to our customers” (Xuedong Huang, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft).

“Mario is a super energetic creative force that helped Bing differentiate on tablet devices. Any team needing passion and vision would benefit from Mario’s leadership” (Brian MacDonald, Corporate Vice President, Bing).

Mario is the visionary and inventor of Sensoria.

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Maurizio Macagno, VP of Development

Maurizio is a former software professional with over 20 years of software development and technical program management experience, on a great breadth of technologies and industries. Started his journey in the industrial automation arena, writing firmware and control software for automation devices. Moved to the research field in the telco industry, working at a Fortune Global 500 telecom company in Italy. Joined Microsoft Italy in 1999, where he worked for 6 years as a consultant and solution architect for top Italian Microsoft customers in the banking, retail, military, telco and manufacturing industries. Moved to USA in 2005 to later join Microsoft Xbox / Entertainment division, where he served as a Senior Program Manager for Xbox LIVE services until early 2013. He is also the founder of Green Tomatoes, a small startup focused on mobile application development.

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