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There are 25M active runners in the US. Well over 60% of these runners get injured every year.

Additionally, 70% of all people that go running suffer from a range of foot problems, often requiring insoles or orthotics. Illness, injury and foot related problems require an in-house or office foot pressure monitoring device.

Current small portable trackers are not always reliable; they are easy to lose or forget and are in general limited to measuring steps and calories. Runners, athletes and personal trainers will use Sensoria enabled socks to obtain and share biometric data on a specific task such as losing weight, running to improve performance, reduce risk of injuries or shorten recovery time.

Fitness enthusiasts and runners will be able to measure how fast and how far but also how well they exercise and run: i.e. stride cadence to improve performance, foot landing technique analysis to detect heel striking are just a few of the differentiated features that Sensoria can provide.

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