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Proprietary Smart Textile

The Sensoria product line is based on patent pending e-textile sensor technology. The proprietary sensors have broad applicability in multiple fitness and clinical scenarios. The first products are a smart sock, t-shirt and sport bra able to collect heart rate, activity type and level, pressure forces on a user’s foot and more. The connected microelectronics send data via Bluetooth for instant analysis and feedback to both user and trainer/caregiver.

Sensoria is a fabric-based sensor:

  • Capable of detecting heart rate and pressure/force
  • Customizable in different shapes
  • Comfortable, feels good on the skin

Sensoria can be embedded in garments and pieces of clothing or used stand-alone for a wide range of applications, such as clothing, liners, bedding, accessories.

  • Skin Safe and Tested Against Multiple pH Ranges
  • Machine Washable and Dryable
  • Predictable, Thin, Soft and Comfortable

To learn more about the technology behind Sensoria have a look at the following videos:

At Heapsylon we strive to achieve an outstanding consumer experience without disrupting the natural human workflow. In order to achieve this goal we have embedded our sensor technology direct in to socks. The data generated by the sensors are collected via an anklet that transmits securely data via Bluetooth Low Energy to your smartphone.

To better put in prospective what we have been able to achieve with our proprietary sensor technology watch this video segment by KOMO4 – Seattle local TV channel.


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